CLOCK Boot Camp

What is a CLOCK Boot Camp? 


The CLOCK boot camp experience is transformative for candidates, who describe it as a developmental process. Your practical, experiential, and nonformal learning is recognised and validated as we benchmark the skills and knowledge (across the skill sets outlined earlier) that you apply in your professional work, roles, and projects to specific industry and qualification levels.


A CLOCK industry mentor will support you to achieve CLOCK Advanced Trainee (equivalent to higher education level 4), CLOCK Competent Professional (equivalent to higher education level 5), or CLOCK Sector Expert status (equivalent to higher education master’s level 7). The programme you select will depend on your career priorities and current and future projects. 


CLOCK boot camps take place online and in physical locations worldwide. If you have selected to attend a boot camp only (without a skills development programme with a mentor), we will connect you with an industry mentor from your industry before the boot camp. Your mentor will arrange two mentoring sessions with you to prepare you for the boot camp.

At the boot camp, CLOCK industry mentors support you to:


  • Have your high-level skills recognised, validated, and internationally reviewed by peers in your industry
  • Transform your high-level skills into an international certification to accredit your expertise in creative practice and/or enterprise
  • Discuss your professional roles and creative projects of the last 2 years
  • Reflect on your professional life and career to date so you have a better understanding of your professional development priorities


You can spread the costs of attending a boot camp by becoming a member of the CLOCK community and also receive our other membership benefits.  

  • £75 a month CLOCK membership for CLOCK Sector Expert
  • £60 a month CLOCK membership for Competent Professional
  • £50 a month CLOCK membership for Advanced Trainee 




  • Work towards the relevant CLOCK status award and receive priority for attendance at a CLOCK boot camp
  • Monthly mentoring sessions with a professional from your industry
  • Annual skills discovery workshop to assess the skills you have and skills you need to make future projects happen
  • Invitations to events and webinars (open to members internationally)
  • Keep up to date with community news through our CLOCK Quarterly
  • Access to an international community of professionals from the creative industries
CLOCK Intensive Boot Camp


To have your existing skills recognised and validated (without any mentoring or skills development) you can pay to attend an intensive boot camp with other candidates and work with a CLOCK industry mentor to achieve your status and award. The cost varies based on the industry status:

  • Advanced Trainee: £1000
  • Competent Professional: £1500
  • Sector Expert: £2000
Boot Camp Dates 


5th and 6th March 2022

9th and 10th April 2022


How Do I Sign Up?


Please email us with any questions or if you are ready to get started register for an upcoming CLOCK boot camp for 2022.