CLOCK Boot Camp

Discover Your Potential with the CLOCK Boot Camp

Delve into a rich learning experience at the CLOCK Boot Camp, where you’ll navigate through peer-reviewed, practice-based learning tailored to reflect real industry demands. Our boot camp is more than just a traditional learning programme; it’s a springboard for professionals keen on enhancing their expertise through a blend of critical reflection and hands-on industry-centric projects.


The CLOCK Professional Awards are a hallmark of recognition for non-formal, practice-based learning, validated by peer review from sector experts. Our boot camp is structured to provide a robust foundation for achieving these prestigious awards, and further, it opens doors to formal certification and progression routes into higher education programmes.

What Awaits You?

– Practice-Based Learning: Engage in a learning environment that mirrors real-world industry scenarios, enhancing your skills through practical exercises.

– Expert Peer Review: Benefit from a thorough review by CLOCK Peer Reviewers, driving a deep reflection on your practice-based learning journey.

– Flexible Learning Path: Whether you are an Advanced Trainee, a Competent Practitioner, or aspiring to become a Sector Expert, our boot camp caters to varying levels of expertise with a flexible timeframe.

Ready to Elevate Your Professional Journey?

Embarking on this transformative journey is straightforward. Get in touch to register for our upcoming boot camp, or reach out to us for more information. We are here to propel you on your path to achieving the esteemed CLOCK Professional Awards.