Gain A New Perspective On Your Skills


If you run a creative business, are employed, freelance, or work as a volunteer in the creative industries, the likelihood is that you undervalue or take for granted the skills you have acquired and established throughout your professional life.


At a Skills Discovery Workshop, our team of mentors will support you to:


  Identify your strengths so you can approach creative work and projects with renewed confidence and self-belief.


  Uncover your sector-specific, professional, and transferable skills applied in any personal, professional, or social situation.


  Recognise, value, and appreciate all the skills you have learned, developed and integrated within any context.


  Explore aspects of yourself that you do not currently recognise and challenge limiting beliefs and narratives.


To take a deeper dive into your professional development after the workshop, explore the CLOCK Sector Expert or Competent Professional programme.


Who can attend? 


The workshop is for anyone that works in the creative industries: employees, contractors, freelancers, volunteers, trainees, apprentices, and interns. If you are a leader in a creative organisation or creative industry body or association, send your entire team to a workshop for a morale boost. 




We can travel to your place of work or deliver the workshop online. 




The workshop is £60 per person.


Register for an upcoming workshop or contact us for more information.