CLOCK Skills Discovery Workshop

Discover Your Skills 


We often take for granted or do not value the many integrated skillsets that we have acquired and established over years of working as a business owner, employee, freelancer, or volunteer. Most CVs and application forms concentrate on a narrow frame of reference and many highly valuable transferable skills are omitted. 


Using the CLOCK process and with the support of a CLOCK peer mentor, the CLOCK Skills Discovery Workshop gives you the opportunity to uncover your sector-specific and transferable skills. The workshop is a space where relevant skills learned and developed in any context are recognised, valued, and appreciated by all participants. The workshop encourages you to discover aspects of yourself that you do not currently recognise. Afterwards, you may be interested in exploring the CLOCK Sector Expert or Competent Professional programme to boost your career.


Who is it for?


Anyone can benefit from the CLOCK Skills Discovery Workshop. It works for employees, freelancers, volunteers, trainees, interns, senior management, and entrepreneurs. The workshop is customisable too so can be embedded within continuing professional development programmes in creative organisations or form part of the professional development options for members of professional organisations or creative industries associations. 



£60 for a 3-hour workshop led by qualified CLOCK mentors.


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