Sector Spotlight: David Garcia, CLOCK Sector Expert, Co-founder of KrillAudio, and Learning and Technology Consultant

In sector spotlight CLOCK members speak with us about their latest projects and share insights from their sector.

David Garcia is co-founder of KrillAudio, learning and technology consultant with Rinova, and CLOCK Sector Expert and Peer Reviewer. David co-founded the first digital music creation & sound production school in the South of Spain in 1999. Since then, he has channelled his skills and expertise in creative media and technology to support the next generation of talent and develop new tools in the field of sound and technology. Here he tells us about building his new venture during a pandemic, his unique recipe for project success, and his audio evangelism.

David, you were involved with CLOCK from its beginnings. Tell us more?

Yes, I was one of the first CLOCK guinea pigs in 2008 before CLOCK became the programme it is now. I’ve supported Denise (Denise Stanley-Chard, founder of CLOCK) ever since. It has been amazing to see the programme grow from that initial concept to achieve recognition by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. My involvement has allowed me to work with incredible people all over the EU and be part of an active community of creative professionals. That is the aspect I value and remember most about the journey, rather than the competencies and the technical stuff.

What project(s) are you working on at the moment?

I work part-time with Rinova, a London based independent social enterprise that develops and delivers new projects that focus on the creative, cultural, and digital technology industries. I am mostly involved with EU transnational projects and business development here in Malaga, where I live.

I also co-founded KrillAudio and co-created a prize-winning technology, training, and production project in the new field of interactive audio called Krilloud. This tool will both democratise the independent sector, and facilitate the creators and developers who want to use and apply the concepts of interactive audio. Our company is on a mission. We advocate for the importance of sound and audio as one of the most powerful transmitters of sensation, if not the most. We launched this week at the Global Game Jam 2021.

Did 2020 present any particular challenges or opportunities which made it difficult, or less so, to get projects off the ground?

There were personal aspects that affected everyone; Mobility issues, lockdowns, working from home, and fewer interactions with peers. I was already working remotely, so, fortunately, I was not affected. It was a complicated work situation with EU projects. Luckily, with Krilloud we had reached the stage at which not only was it not affected, but due to a business support grant from the regional government, as a result of Covid, we were able to reach the final milestone in our roadmap. Lockdown offered us a chance to focus and concentrate, which was what the project needed from us.

Give us three vital ingredients to project success?

For the projects with Rinova, I would say excellence, diligence, and precision. I am still learning and working on these skills. With Krilloud, which is partly my company, it’s different. Let’s say, passion, a full kilo of it, that drives everything, a truly unbelievable team, and for the final ingredient, the skills of the cat I remember from an ancient Zen tale. This particular cat scares the rats away by harmonising his strength, technique, and consciousness in his sleep. We need two teaspoons of that skill!

What projects are on the horizon for 2021?

There are the projects I mentioned, and there are projects within each of them. With Rinova, I’ll be involved in six transnational EU projects, some of which start this year, mostly my role is technologist and training expert, plus we have to settle in the new Malaga branch of Rinova.

For Krill, the list is too long, and I never know which part will be delivered first. Personally, I am interested in expanding Krilloud to Arduino, robotics, sensors, etc. The main goal is to finish this six-month go to market test. And a VR only audio videogame and…I also have to keep connected with CLOCK and deliver as much as I can for the community to grow. So, all of that and to quit smoking (again), and I think that’s it for the year (laughs). Oh, and there is this amazing video game idea I’ve discussed with my mighty CLOCK colleague Wizdom, but it will have to wait for the virus to be under control. I better stop (laughs).

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