Claudia Matera

Claudia Matera is a Game Designer, Professor, Cultural Manager for International projects and an entrepreneur within the Creative and Cultural Sector. She’s a qualified CLOCK Sector Expert and Peer Reviewer for Cultural Learning and Business Development and Support for the Creative and Cultural Industries.



Claudia holds a PhD in Contemporary History of Art investigating the economical and cultural relationships between the Arts and the Economy within Europe over the last four decades. Her career started within both Higher Education and the Gaming industry. At University she worked for over a decade as a Researcher and Project Manager exploring methodologies, tools and resources conceiving the development and reinforcement of entrepreneurial skills of practitioners.



She was one of the pioneers of mobile games running an indie game company and exploring business models and marketing strategies. Claudia is currently working as Programme Manager for CLOCK, teaches Game Design and Cultural and Psychological aspects of Games at the Academy of Contemporary Music and operates as Cultural Manager for International projects for partners based in the UK, the Netherlands and Italy pursuing cultural exchange, citizenship awareness, entrepreneurship and strategic partnership through culture.



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