Embark on a transformative journey with CLOCK’s dynamic and inclusive programmes, now designed to nurture and elevate individuals across all industries. Our expanded offerings provide a comprehensive spectrum of opportunities for skill development, workforce advancement, and industry recognition. Whether you’re in the creative sector, business, technology, or any other field, our programmes serve as catalysts for professional growth and personal achievement. Join us in a journey of self-discovery and career success, where your unique skills are recognised and valued.



The impact of individuals around the world achieving the CLOCK Sector Expert Award in their own words….
“The reflective nature of CLOCK encouraged me to see the unique value in the professional skills, knowledge, and experience I had taken for granted. From that point on my confidence and belief in myself as a leader soared.” 

Liz, Creative and Culture Sector and Charity Sector, UK
The Sector Expert Level 7 programme took me through a journey to reflect on my career to date and understand what my skills and knowledge were and how I continued to develop them. This is added so much to my understanding of myself and my practice, beyond just the ‘achievements’ we traditionally highlight. Now being a Peer Reviewer at Level 7 and Level 8, I continue to get great satisfaction helping others to reflect, reveal and spotlight their skills, experience and unique practice.”

Dr Hannah, Cultural Heritage and Technology Platforms, UK
The most valuable thing CLOCK has done for me, besides the community of amazing inspiring people, is invite me to understand my own worth. It was the key. Through the CLOCK program it all made sense. I was once a dropout who survived by staying creative, today I write MA after my name and inspire so many to stay creative.

Saskia, Community Arts Entrepreneur, Netherlands
The CLOCK process has opened my mind to new progressive approaches to education pathways, self development and self advocacy. The boot camp pushed me to see myself, knowledge and skills in a very positive and powerful light that I have enjoyed passing onto fellow industry peers. I really do believe that CLOCK is a fantastic way forward. ”

N’fa, Creative Artist, Talent Development, Australia
“CLOCK is a great way to build your awareness of skills you have developed in creative, hands-on settings, facilitating career decision making and also to get them accredited academically to boost your CV.” 

Carl, BAFTA member, Film Producer and Educator, UK
“Skills are closely related to the personality of each professional. The CLOCK protocol, designed to structure and update these skills, directly affects the awareness of each professional, conferring self-confidence that is very useful for moving in their market, which is also so changing” 

Joaquim, Professional Trainer for Makers and Circular Economy, Spain
“My advanced degree in the CLOCK education program entitles me to hold blacksmith sessions here at my place of residence. According to my plans, I will start an ornamental blacksmith training course this year, the completion of which will give them the official qualification ” CLOCK Competent practitioner with credits for Ornamental Blacksmith Foundation Degree”

István, Blacksmith, Craftsman, Hungary
Discovering CLOCK was like finding an international community of creatives that feels like home. It also provides a map for personal and professional growth. With CLOCK, my references aren’t just distant stars that inspire me; they’re a navigable constellation guiding my journey. ”

Ximo, Creative Director, Community Development, Spain
I’ve extended my network with like-minded professionals around the globe. Next to that, the development I’ve been through and made visible via CLOCK made me realize that my value was more than I thought and this allows me to step into the next level of my professional career.” 

Georgios, Artist, Educator, Music Entrepreneur, Netherlands
I started my CLOCK program in 2017 and became a Peer Reviewer by the end of 2018. Since then, I feel and enjoy the  energy of the warm, inclusive community of CLOCK experts from all over the world. I am working in different fields of the creative industries. Earlier as a former journalist, television, radio and film producer, nowadays mostly as facilitator and manager in CCI  where I had to learn what are the values and how to support others in their professional journey. That was where CLOCK provided me with  a clear guideline, with a bright vision about  how creative people could find their personal pathways in the Cultural and Creative Industries.” 

Janos, International Business Mentor, Hungary
By bringing attention to the importance of creative skills in the context of employment is extremely innovative today. That was an encouragement for me, to believe in my professional mission. With my company Insolita Film, I believe that art and culture convey value in addition of generating profit. For this reason apply creativity to the world of business would make every sector healthier, ethical and productive.”

Nicoletta, Film Producer, Insolita Film, Italy
“I’m a 360° CLOCK lifelong learning participant, facilitator and practitioner. I love and am immersed in producing performances which are made through collaboration between communities and artists. CLOCK enriches my practice, giving me a Masters degree level, reflective framework to recognise and validate my knowledge and skills and includes me within a diverse and multidisciplinary creative community where I share, collaborate and continue to grow.”

Franklyn, Community Artist, Theatre and Carnival Producer, UK
CLOCK has profoundly impacted my life as a self-taught creative. Recognized for my expertise through global peer reviews, I gained confidence and diverse opportunities. The international Clock community inspired me, leading to successful assignments. As a board member promoting Clock NL within Europe, doors opened, offering visibility to my skills. Highly recommend joining for fellow creatives.”

Ismene, Art and Culture Coach, Netherlands