Industry Mentor and Reviewer Training

Industry Mentor and Reviewer Training


Our programme equips creative professionals with the skills required to mentor and support new candidates on the CLOCK programme so that they successfully achieve their CLOCK industry status and award.  Our programme is practical and based on a peer to peer learning model, you will be supported by a qualified Industry Mentor and Reviewer from our international community to achieve your status of Industry Mentor and Reviewer. 

Who is it for?


If you are a qualified CLOCK Sector Expert who has benefitted from the CLOCK programme and are now interested in supporting and mentoring other creative professionals, this programme is for you. 


As an Industry Mentor and Reviewer, you will:


  • Add an additional income stream from your work with CLOCK
  • Support new CLOCK candidates on our programmes to achieve their chosen CLOCK industry status and award
  • Deliver our physical and online boot camps with other CLOCK mentors and reviewers
  • Gain a qualification that validates your status as an Industry Mentor and Reviewer
  • Join an international community supporting the professional development of creatives, artists. and entrepreneurs




The programme costs £2000 which includes training and support to achieve your Industry Mentor and Reviewer status and external qualification.




Get in touch and become a CLOCK Industry Mentor and Reviewer in 2022.