Clock Advanced Trainee

Embark on Mastery: The CLOCK Advanced Trainee Programme

The CLOCK Advanced Trainee Programme offers a dynamic, practice-based learning journey for professionals across various industries, aiming to elevate their skills and gain widely recognized qualifications. This programme serves as a stepping stone to the esteemed CLOCK Professional Awards, facilitated through a comprehensive peer review process led by experts from diverse sectors.

Who is it for?

This programme is ideal for individuals new to any industry, students, or professionals seeking to transform their diverse work into accredited qualifications. It’s also well-suited for employed or self-employed individuals, volunteers, trainees, and interns participating in any funded programme (including those from initiatives like the Kickstart programme in England).

What You’ll Gain:

Multidisciplinary Skill Enhancement: Participate in projects relevant to your industry, sharpening skills through practical, real-world applications.

Broad Industry Recognition: Earn a CLOCK Professional Award, enhancing your profile across various sectors and facilitating career progression.

Collaborative Learning: Engage with peers from different fields, exchanging insights and promoting a culture of mutual growth and continuous learning.

Programme Details:

Duration: The programme encompasses 540 notional hours of practice-based learning, adaptable over a 12-month period.

Investment: The fees represent an investment in your professional development, with recognition across multiple industries. Contact us for detailed cost information.

Continued Professional Development:

After completing the programme, you can explore advanced ‘top-up’ programmes or transition into our CLOCK Sector Expert or Competent Professional programmes, broadening your skillset further.

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