Our Programmes

CLOCK is a ground-breaking continuing professional development programme for creatives working in different contexts, whether as freelancers, employees (from entry to board level), interns (inc. trainees) or volunteers. The CLOCK programme is flexible enough to fit around other commitments and designed to support people at any stage of their creative career.


The programme validates and accredits practical experience and skills, transforming applied skills into internationally recognised qualifications. CLOCK delivers two higher-level SQA Professional Development Awards in practice-based learning for the Creative and Cultural industries (PDACCIs). PDACCI’s are awarded for learning that is practical and applied within the creative and cultural industries. CLOCK delivers these qualifications at three different levels. They are:


CLOCK Level 4: Advanced Trainees
If you’re starting a new career in the cultural, creative or digital industries or switching careers and want to track your skills development and gain qualifications that recognise your practical experience, CLOCK level 4 is the place to start.

Pathways and Qualification
Creative and Cultural Business Development and Support SCQF level 6//EQF level 4
Creative Practice/Cultural Learning SCQF LEVEL 6/EQF Level 4 One pathway: £300
Two pathways: £500


CLOCK Level 5: Competent Professional
This level will suit creatives who are establishing themselves in their sector. Competent professionals are moving into a new role with a greater level of responsibility, starting a business, or working on creative projects (releasing an album, making a short film, or curating exhibitions).

Pathways and Qualification
Creative Business Development and Support SCQF Level 8/EQF Level 5
Creative Practice/Cultural Learning SCQF Level 8/EQF Level 5 One pathway = £1000
Two pathways = £1500


CLOCK Level 7: Sector Expert 
This programme is for professionals with five+ years of experience in their industry sector or discipline. CLOCK sector experts are creative leaders, innovators and advocates.
Pathways and Qualification
Creative Business Development and Support SCQF Level 11/EQF Level 7
Creative Practice/Cultural Learning SCQF Level 11/EQF Level 7 One pathway = £1800
Two pathways = £2000
The decision to take one or two pathways will depend on your current role or projects, the projects you have planned in the future, and any specific professional development priorities and ambitions. If you take one pathway, you can still take the other one later. As you grow and develop as a creative professional, you can use CLOCK to validate your skills development and move through the levels.
Payment Options
We offer different payment options:
  • Pay programme costs upfront
  • Spread the cost with 10 monthly instalments (Available for CLOCK Level 5 and 7)

If you are interested in CLOCK but currently have financial difficulties, please contact liz@clockyourskills.com for a confidential discussion. We aim to make CLOCK accessible to all, so we will work with you to find a suitable plan.