A View From: János Keresnyei in Pécs Hungary

Each quarter we’ll invite CLOCK Sector Experts from across the globe to share ‘The View From’ their city and country. We start our series with János Keresnyei, CLOCK Sector Expert and Business mentor and coach who lives in the charming city of Pécs, Hungary. 

Artistic education in Hungary is of high quality and relatively inexpensive.  Despite this, many creative and cultural employees and entrepreneurs can’t earn validation and recognition for their experience and knowledge through formal qualifications. For them, CLOCK is a refreshing solution.  

Formal education is still the official way for people to achieve recognition and qualifications in Hungary, and I haven’t witnessed any radical change in the education system in three decades. Right now, the vocational education system is under reform and seems to be moving further towards centralised and formalised solutions.

Against this backdrop, there is a real appetite for CLOCK within the creative community. Our most recent boot camp was online, so we connected with professionals across different regions of Hungary, and from a variety of sectors too. In our last one was Tamas, a photographer, Robert, an event organiser and creative incubator manager, Judit a creative cluster manager and Sandor, a coach and mentor. And we had Istvan, a blacksmith. Yes, a blacksmith! CLOCK validates professional practice in the crafts sector too. 

The feedback from participants is that CLOCK’s self-reflective learning process has changed their life. They learn about themselves, recognise their achievements and their creative and business activities benefit from the work portfolio they develop. Everyone says that the motivation, energy and self-confidence they feel after the boot camp boosts their day to day activities. We’ve held three boot camps in the city of Pécs, so there’s greater awareness now, people in creative circles are starting to talk about CLOCK. Formal education doesn’t work for everyone. CLOCK does.