CLOCK News: CLOCK Goes Global

We’re not travelling as much as we usually do these days, but we’re still connecting with people across borders, continents and oceans. In September, we were delighted to host our first international CLOCK Sector Expert boot camp with professionals from the United States, Hungary and North Macedonia.

John, Dean of a Graduate School joined us from the US. John specialises in international relations and works in the communications field. He’s also a historian, passionate about Napoleon and uses games design to share his knowledge of the French emperor. We had Judith from Hungary, project manager at the cluster of creative and cultural industries in Pécs. An entrepreneur herself she is an advocate for entrepreneurship at all ages and all levels. Judith also works in the communication field and national and international education. Yane connected with us from North Macedonia. Yane is a visual artist and runs an NGO which promotes creativity and the arts nationally and supports young people starting their careers. He is an active community member, currently involved in a project to build a museum of memories representing the recent history and culture of the area. 

We often find our participants have multi-faceted careers and CLOCK validates skills they’ve acquired from all different aspects of their career. In CLOCK we invite people to bring all their professional selves into the boot camp experience which encourages people to reach new insights about what they have already achieved. CLOCK Sector Experts and peer mentors János and Claudia facilitated as the participants reflected on their professional activities and behaviours.

We can’t get together for boot camp dinners at the moment, but there are still some social rituals we can enjoy. As Claudia said, it was funny to say good morning in the afternoon and then to wish everyone a good night at midday with coffees and teas. And drinks!