CLOCK Sector Expert Leadership Programme


CLOCK Sector Expert Leadership Programme is a flexible programme for creative professionals that aims to level the playing field to support the progression of a more inclusive and diverse creative industries workforce. Through our programme, participants are empowered to reach their full potential as they learn to recognise their expertise, reflect on their contribution to the creative industries, clarify strategic goals, and map out a future direction as a CLOCK Sector Expert and industry leader.


Who is it for?


The CLOCK Sector Expert Leadership Programme is for creative professionals or artists who have at least five years of experience in their discipline or industry and lead complex strategic projects or activities in multiple roles or several industry contexts.


How does it work? 


The programme is offered through an international CLOCK boot camp delivered by qualified CLOCK mentors and peer reviewers. Participants can achieve both the CLOCK Sector Expert status and award in creative practice or creative enterprise and apply for a master’s level internationally accredited qualification in the creative and cultural industries.


Skills Development 


Participants who need to develop their skills further before they can achieve the CLOCK Sector Expert award (that the programme offers) can work with a CLOCK mentor on their skills development. CLOCK mentors and peer reviewers benchmark a participant’s current creative practice or enterprise skills and create a personalised mentoring and skills development plan. Participants are supported to acknowledge strengths and build more confidence in areas which need development, realise the depth of knowledge and expertise, and feel empowered to take on more challenging roles or projects.



Achieve CLOCK Sector Expert Status 


Once a programme of skills development is complete, participants attend a CLOCK boot camp to achieve CLOCK Sector Expert status and an award (equivalent to higher education master’s level). 


In September 2022, we will launch the CLOCK Industry Mentor and Reviewer training programme. This programme is for CLOCK Sector Experts who are ready to mentor and support the professional development of the creative industries workforce. Find more information on this programme here. Please get in touch with any questions.




We offer two options for participants who want to achieve a CLOCK Sector Expert status and award.



Become a Member of the CLOCK Community


Join the CLOCK community and spread costs with a monthly subscription of £75.


Membership Benefits


  • Work towards CLOCK Sector Expert status and receive priority for a CLOCK boot camp
  • Monthly mentoring sessions with a professional from the creative industries
  • Annual CLOCK skills discovery workshop to assess current skills and identify future skills priorities
  • Invitations to events and webinars (open to members internationally)
  • Community news with our CLOCK Quarterly newsletter
  • Access to an international community of professionals from the creative industries



Intensive Boot Camp


£2000 to attend an intensive boot camp (excluding skills development).





Participants have successfully secured funding from Arts Council England for the CLOCK programme. Please contact us as we may be able to signpost to current funding opportunities.

Get in touch to discuss membership and discover more about our programmes and community.