Industry Status: CLOCK Sector Expert


CLOCK Sector Expert


The CLOCK Sector Expert programme recognises the creative work and projects you have executed and led over the last two years and validates and accredits your high-level skills. Candidates for the programme join their peers on an international boot camp or work on a one to one basis with an industry mentor to achieve their industry status and internationally accredited master’s level award in the creative and cultural industries.


Who is it for? 


People with 5+ years of professional experience in their industry, sector or discipline who lead complex interdisciplinary creative industries projects or organisations.


Skills Development and Boot Camp


You can choose to develop and validate your skills in creative practice or creative enterprise, or both, whichever is most relevant for you. If you are not ready to be awarded CLOCK Sector Expert status we can pair you with a mentor from your industry who will work with you to benchmark your current creative practice and/or your enterprise skills and develop a personalised skills development programme with you.


Once your programme of skills development is completed, you attend a CLOCK boot camp where you receive skills recognition and validation and achieve your CLOCK Sector Expert status and award (equivalent to higher education master’s level). If you are ready to have your skills recognised and validated now you can register for your place on a CLOCK boot camp. 


We encourage our CLOCK Sector Experts to continue their professional development with our Industry Mentor and Reviewer training programme. This programme launches in early 2022 and we will have more details here. Please get in touch if you have any questions.



Assess Your Industry Status 


If you are unsure whether you have the necessary skills to go for the industry status of Sector Expert now, or, need to identify your current skills gaps, you can attend a CLOCK skills discovery workshop.




We offer two options for candidates who want to achieve a CLOCK Sector Expert status and accompanying award.



Become a Member of the CLOCK Community


Join the CLOCK community and spread the cost of the programme with a monthly subscription of £75.




  • Work towards CLOCK Sector Expert status and receive priority for a CLOCK boot camp
  • Monthly mentoring sessions with a professional from your industry
  • Annual CLOCK skills discovery workshop to assess your current skills and identify skills you need to develop to progress further in your career
  • Invitations to events and webinars (open to members internationally)
  • Keep up to date with community news through our CLOCK Quarterly
  • Access to an international community of professionals from the creative industries



CLOCK Intensive Boot Camp


£2000 to attend an intensive boot camp only (without skills development with a mentor) where your existing creative practice or creative enterprise skills will be recognised and validated to the status of CLOCK Sector Expert with an internationally recognised award.

To have both your creative practice and creative enterprise skills recognised and validated simultaneously at the boot camp costs £2500.




Get in touch to discuss membership and discover more about our programmes and community.



Funding Available


CLOCK candidates have successfully secured funding for their professional development from Arts Council England. This is a professional development programme for the creative industries so we do not receive Government or other public funding. Please contact us if you have any questions as we may be able to signpost you to current funding opportunities.