2024 CLOCK Sector Expert Bootcamps

Welcome to the 2024 CLOCK Sector Expert Bootcamps
At CLOCK, we’re dedicated to making invisible skills visible and valued across diverse industries. Our Bootcamps, available both online and in-person in London, are designed to recognize, certify, and elevate your unique professional skills and experiences. Whether you’re looking to enhance your career in the creative sector or beyond, our programmes are tailored to meet your needs.

Upcoming Schedules:

  • Fast Track 7-Day Option (Available in London and Online)
  • Slow Track Options (Available in Morning, Evening, and Weekend schedules in London and Online)

For detailed daily agendas and delivery modes, please refer to our full schedule:

CLOCK SE Bootcamps – Fast Track 7-Day Online Option

CLOCK SE Bootcamps – Fast Track 7-Day London Option

CLOCK SE Bootcamps – Slow Track 6h/week Online Option

CLOCK SE Bootcamps – Slow Track 6h/week London Option

Tailored to Your Schedule:

Can’t find dates that work for you? We offer custom scheduling for both individuals and pre-formed groups. Contact us to plan a personalized journey that fits your calendar. Get in Touch for Custom Scheduling, or click here to find out more!

Programmes Overview:

  1. CLOCK Sector Expert Professional Award
    • Cost: £2,000
    • Details: Focused solely on the CLOCK Sector Expert Professional Award, this program is perfect for those looking to validate and enhance their professional skills.
  2. CLOCK Sector Expert Professional Award + Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Industries Futures
    • Cost: £3,000
    • Details: This comprehensive program combines the CLOCK Sector Expert Professional Award with a Level 7 Postgraduate Certificate, offering an in-depth exploration of creative industries futures.

You can find out more about our CLOCK Sector Expert Leadership Program here!

Flexible Programme Options:

For those needing more flexibility, we offer the opportunity to book specific sections of any programme:

  • Portfolio + Portfolio Review: £1,000
  • Reflective Statements: £250
  • Mentoring Discussion: £250
  • Professional Dialogue: £500
  • Transfer to Postgraduate Certificate: £1,000

    Find out more!

Please note: The Sector Expert portfolio must be based on work carried out in the last 24 months. For the flexible route, the entire Sector Expert programme must be completed within a 12-month period.

Regional Pricing Variation:

  • Prices are in GBP: The prices listed above are in British Pounds (GBP).
  • Regional Price Adjustments: Please be aware that prices might vary slightly depending on the region where the BootCamp or sessions are held.
  • Final Price at Purchase: The final price will be clearly displayed at the moment of purchase, ensuring transparency and clarity.

Booking and Capacity:

  • Maximum Capacity: Each bootcamp and workshop is limited to 5 candidates to ensure personalised attention and an immersive learning experience.
  • Booking Process: To book your place, please follow the links provided for each schedule. Secure your spot promptly, as spaces are limited.

Additional Support:

Each candidate will receive support throughout the programme, including additional support sessions by appointment. Our approach is tailored to foster your growth in Creative Enterprise/Creative Practice, Sharing Knowledge and Skills and Developing Social Potential.

Join us this Q1 and Q2 to unlock your potential and gain recognition for your unique skills and experiences.

Book now and be part of an inclusive, diverse, and skilled workforce shaping the future of various industries!

Skill Discovery Workshop:
If you’re exploring CLOCK for the first time and are not ready to dive into our Sector Expert Programme, we warmly invite you to join our Skill Discovery Workshop. This efficient, 3-hour session is your gateway to uncovering and valuing your unique skills through our innovative approach. More than just an introduction, it’s a vital step in your professional development journey, embracing industry diversity and skill recognition. Experience firsthand how CLOCK brings unseen talents to light across various industries.
Enroll in our workshop and start your path to skill empowerment!

For further inquiries, please contact us.